artist statement

my work is multi-layered in execution and interpretation. employing an interdisciplinary approach, a single piece of work may use embroidery, silk painting, traditional and/or digital drawing, collage and audio to unravel and re-evaluate a dozen stories all at once. my work inhabits a methodology & spirit somewhere between medieval tapestry & American underground comics.

text and image appear hand-in-hand throughout much of my practice as i work on exploring different ideas of context, cultural history, narrative, image making and the multiple ways to convey the ephemeral nature of thoughts and sensations in a more concrete and tangible form using the empirical lines of drawing as an anchor.

drawing is central to my practise and image making is everything. in my work i consider the still image not just as a ‘constructed’ entity, but also as a manipulated, cut or erased one. this notion underpins all of the work that I make from drawing and sewing to sculpting and animation.

we all think, dream and communicate through images. images are no longer just representations or interpreters of human actions. the ubiquitous presence of images far exceeds the conventional notion that images are just objects for consumption, play or information. images are the point of mediation that allows access to a variety of different experiences. images are the interfaces that structure interactions, people and the environments they share.